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Accutane Induced Rosacea Testimonials

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There are anecdotal reports of accutane induced rosacea. (higher doses of 20 - 40 mg or higher). You should also read this article

The vast majority of the reports below are NOT about low dose isotretinoin (5 - 10 mg) so you can assume the report is about using at least 20 mg/day or more. You may have to read the actual report by clicking the link of the poster and see how much they took per day.  

Here is the list:


Azalin says, "A bit of history is that I was on Accutane, for a long time. ( 3 years ) I first took it to rid all of my acne, which worked fine. However I noticed my Rosacea, which I also had would always just keep coming back. I then decided to go low dose ( I have 40 mg pills, and started taking 1 every 4 - 5 days ) this worked, my skin was absolutely flawless for the 2 and a half years I was doing it. I however started getting some of the major side effects from Accutane, first getting IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome ), I figured I could live with that, wasn't that bad, but then receiving GERD about 2 months later ( chronic heart burn, and I never ever had heart burn before in my life ). Luckily for me, when I am off accutane the GERD goes away, so I have not yet taken the pills again, although despite the bad, the flawless skin is so hard to live without."

So I have Accutane induced Rosacea, what now? by ArtClassShank

yet another accutane induced flusher.. - Thread started by blushinggirl 29th December 2011 09:39 PM

"I am just 5 pills of 20mg of Accutane and I faced worst side-effects - dry skin, nose bleeding, sleepless ness (woke-up by 3AM) and then no sleep, reflexes not working, affects your Central Nervous System, Erectile dysfunction (this is sooooo true). I just threw my Accutane in dust-bin....................I will suffer with Rosacea but will never take Accutane." callme_kpr October 21, 2011 post #1



confusedloner says, "They even put me on Accutane saying that it would definitely help the redness but it made it MUCH worse within just a few days!" Post #2 February 26, 2013

demon123 accutane induced flushing report

"I suffer from accutane induced flushing since Almost 3 years! It Ruines my life! I lost my Job because of the painfull flushings." Electro20

"I have a firm belief that it was the administration of Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) that I took for acne in my teens would later be responsible for my rosacea and blepharitis on a permanent basis." Elliot77

"...my rosacea was caused by Accutane." fed_up 17th July 2013 10:36 AM Post #9

flying_er says, "I developed an ear flushing problem while taking low dose accutane." Post #4 October 1 07:56 PM




"I took accutane for 21 weeks and finished in March, taking 80mg the last few months. Around begging February I started getting burning red ears every night for about an hour. This has continued since stopping accutane but now occurs when I am in the sun or hot, when I am stressed, when I touch my ears or lay down on one side, or sometimes randomly. Sometimes it is one and sometimes it is both ears. I also have a flushing face issue that started in May after stopping accutane, but I am much more frustrated with the ears. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of anyone who has had this same issue?" Jordanflorence

Jpak says, "You want another testimonial :P. I got accutane induced rosacea 15 years ago, hasn't cleared since. I have tried just about everything. Nothing has worked. Next time I see the doctor I will ask about Mepacrine its the last thing I haven't tried.I have had 3 non pupuric vbeam and it didn't do much.


Lisa reports "Please help I've hit rock bottom...having controlled my facial flushing which was accutane induced using mepacrine 100mg for the past 3 years..."







Accutane induced flushing/rosacea - Thread started by Nana December 9, 2011


nicofan says, "The only side effect I got since the SECOND day of treatment are RED, HOT ears. EVERYDAY, for 3 hours."


How I Cured Accutane Induced Rosacea - Thread started by OilKing December 21, 2011

owldog post no 3, "This all started this January after a long term course of low dose accutane."

Peter B

pleasehelp123 says, "My flushing started after Accutane and a topical retinoid."

Ray reports using Quinacrine for accutane induced rosacea.

Rosacea from Accutane by red eye


Read stb09's experience with Accutane

sickofthis [post no 3] posts, "I wish I never took accutane. It has ruined my life with this flushing."

T3d reports a diagnosis of accutane induced rosacea

t3dstrik3r posts that Dr. Chu diagnosed him with accutane induced rosacea but is not convinced. See Post #1


Read xcvq's experience with Accutane


RealSelf has a thread on this subjectAccutane + Flushing Q&A


Suggest you watch the long list of Accutane YouTube Videos

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