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Laser Anecdotal Negative Reports

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While you can easily find positive reports using laser for rosacea (just go to any dermatologist and ask, or go to any of the doctor's website patient comments) it isn't as easy to find negative reports. Here are some negative reports collected: 

ATPips posts, "I revisited the same skin care clinic (as I finally could afford to travel to the clinic / pay for more treatment) and explained my issues (I had previously made them aware informally, with no real response). They gave me a free treatment to help correct it and I paid for a couple more (3 in total) to ensure we could patch it up. It is now worse, as the practitioner simply expanded the area so there are more white contrasting circles on my chest than before."

brasileirao says, "I have some minor skin damage from laser".

Clare at RF says, "I wish I could turn back the clock. I had vbeam 4 weeks ago for facial flushing with my rosasea. My skin was otherwise perfect. I am now left with red veins and broken blood vessels and my face is more redder than ever. I feel so depressed. My face feels awful. Why don't they warn you?? I was told to I may have some bruising but not permanent red veins afterwards."

darren1 [post no 8] reports, "Ok, so it's been 7 months since I had PDL. It was my third full-face treatment. I am WORSE at baseline now.....I really don't know if I'm still healing or if the last vBeam was just a bad one. I had absolutely no idea anything like this would happen and have been more than patient by giving it time. That's what all doctors say as a get out clause: 'give it time'...."

Destiny says she had a "Disastrous V-Beam Experience"

Erica8795 posts, "The derm did my usual setting 9.5 but he went over my cheeks twice which isn't usual. Now I look like there are deep dark purple spots, some scabbing and I look worse today than yesterday. I actually also had so much swelling around my eyes, the derm called me back for a steroid shot."

freemanpr posts, "I had three expensive laser treatments (2 on my left cheek, one on my right cheek), bruised badly as expected afterwards (purple and black for a while) but healed after a few weeks. Now months after pulsed dye laser treatment, my rosacea is much worse on both cheeks. I am so disappointed and upset. I have postules and increased redness."

fulloflove2 says, "I was told to get lasers done for my rosacea and now my skin is scarred with pitted indentations plus I have a horrible orange peel."

Jodi Palmere Mihalik‎, Rosacea Tips and Support Group, Facebook, posts " Is anyone suffering from pain and severe burning years after laser? It made me SO much worse..the inflamation from the inside out, the feeling of hot needles, the pulsating...im suffering so badly."

Julie Allen says, "IPL lasers RUINED my skin - horrific ROSACEA"

Monof [post no 6] posts, "Yes my rosacea was triggered by vbeam."

monika555 posts, "Well, instead of living it all alone I thought I could still improve it and decided to do the Vbeam, thinking it will be a walk in the park as I had no bad reaction before. Wrong! I am six days post the procedure and my face looks awful, way worse than even before the Excel V and BBL. Inflamed skin, red patches, more blood vessels on the surface, old red spots that were gone with Excel V are back, papery feel to the skin and some new lines that were not there before. It looks like it was burned by hot water or extreme heat which the laser delivers. Extreme blotchiness and red patches are bothering me the most and are hard to cover with makeup."

nepia posts, "I had my first ever purpuric V-Beam treatment on the 22nd of August, and it is the 31st today. Initially my purpura on my face were purple, and now they are combination of (mostly) red and (some) light red marks."

przemek [post no 5] says, "I suggest you stay away from lasers and ipl as far as possible. I had a lot of them and in retrospect I know that they hurt me more than they helped, even though there were some single treatments when the skin was brighter for some time (but it was only temporary). They make the skin very sensitive and it is a long-lasting symptom. It is enough to have the wrong settings or sometimes you do a series of treatments with the same settings and which subsequent treatment worsened the condition"

snuffleupagus 10/14/11 Post #4, "I wish i never had that laser - it screwed up my life so bad. Facial muscle pain on top of rosacea...."

Violetsareblue (post no 4) says, "I also had increased sensitivity of my skin over time. Initially I did not notice, I had spot corrections of single very small areas, but after doing v-beam my skin started to change and over time it got more and more obvious that it was not good for my skin at all. I am happy for all of those who have luck with lasers, unfortunately I am not one of them. I would say just be very alert to your reactions over time. I have had four v-beams in total and maybe three-four small spot IPLs. My skin started acting odd a couple of months post my second v-beam and then it just got worse after each session. At the time I was very pleased and I do get good results with this type of treatments the first few months, but the vessels do come back and in my case they came back as very jumpy ones. Best! V

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