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IPL Anecdotal Reports

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IPL Anecdotal Experiences

Please note: There are positive experiences where rosaceans rave about IPL improving their rosacea and you can find these all over the internet. Here we only post the negative ones. If you want to volunteer and post a list of positive experiences, be my guest. It is free to join the RRDi and post whatever, as long as you abide by the rules. Would love for someone to have the energy and hutzpah to make a list of positive experiences but volunteering to help other rosaceans has dwindled. Do you know why? I have a post on this if you would like to read it. 

Jamoverton [post no 2] says, "That being said, mine did get worse after IPL even though I did do it in a dermatologist's office and there are others on here that had the same experience."

Julie Allen says, "IPL lasers RUINED my skin - horrific ROSACEA"

Mistica says, "I received damage from IPL. Not as severe as yours, however it was very upsetting to me. I improved over a few years and got to the point I was happy with the way I looked." Post #14 14th July 2011 01:45 PM

przemek [post no 5] says, "I suggest you stay away from lasers and ipl as far as possible. I had a lot of them and in retrospect I know that they hurt me more than they helped, even though there were some single treatments when the skin was brighter for some time (but it was only temporary). They make the skin very sensitive and it is a long-lasting symptom. It is enough to have the wrong settings or sometimes you do a series of treatments with the same settings and which subsequent treatment worsened the condition"

red devil [post no 4] in a thread about this subject posts, "This happened to me over 10 years ago.My sensitivity to flushing probably doubled after several treatment.
If i were you i'd stop the treatment and give it a few months to see if things calm down."

RedMage [post no 9] "In my case, the condition of my skin quickly returned about 4-6 weeks to the state before the treatment. Eventually, after all these treatments, the condition of my skin improved by maybe up to 10%. It is a waste of time and, above all, not a small amount of money."

Sineadrosy posts, "...recently had an Ipl treatment for rosacea and it has gotten worse. Skin is redder and flushing is much more hot and happens easier
This is only after one session." Another thread

spuggylegs says, "I had a series of ipl treatments, which left me with areas of orange peel effect on the top of my cheeks, and open pores on my nose. No history of acne, chicken pox etc, I had beautiful skin, and then suddenly developed rosacea. People can come up with all sorts of suggestions as to why it might have happened, but I know that it was definitely caused by IPL, and I paid extra for a doctor to carry this out. I have been through hell and back, but have now learnt to accept it. People just seem to want to dismiss the reports of people damaged by lasers and ipl...it must have been this or it could have been that... the reports arn't reliable/anecdotal etc. " Post #6 July 23, 2011

wendykay says, "I had a total of 5 IPL treatments for my rosacea (have had the disease for 15 years) in the last 10 months by a top notch plastic surgeon in Toronto. What I am left with is lines and dints and enlarged pores and a mess of a face. I feel destroyed."

Follow windycity's IPL expereince.

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