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Rosazel or Eutrosis AR?


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A new prescription topical treatment is in clinical trials and the results are impressive. The new topical is Rosazel by Alma Development.

The Rosazel website states, "REGULATORY STATUS Medical Device Class I (Marking in progress)."

A paper with ROSAZEL in the title, concludes, "This new GSH-C4, beta-glycyrrethic and azelaic acids cream has shown to be efficacious in mild to moderate rosacea subjects. Local tolerability is in line with other anti-rosacea treatments." [1]

Rosazel Ingredients (source)
Azeloglicina®: a combination between azelaic acid and glycine with soothing and moisturizing effect. 
- Hyaluronic Acid: a naturally-occurring polysaccharide that provides skin moisture and firmness.
- Vit. E: a free radical scavenger, a powerful anti oxidant vitamin with protective properties on the skin
- Solar Filters (SPF 15): to protect skin from UV-A and UV-B rays.

The active ingredient, Azeloglicina is according to Sinerga, the following:

"The chemical modification from Azelaic Acid to AZELOGLICINA® has led to an equally active ingredient, but much improved from a technical point of view. Indeed, Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate (Trade Name: AZELOGLICINA®) is a water soluble derivative of Azelaic Acid, maintaining all the cosmetic properties of the original molecule, but improving its technical characteristics." Sinerga, Azeloglicina 

Mknlvi [2] flagged especially the "rather confusingly, the words (The Rosazel Trial) in the journal title" article [1] which does indeed mention another cream, "A daily cream (E-AR) containing GSH-C4 (0.1%) with beta-Glycyrrhetic (0.5%) and azelaic acids (10%), with an SPF of 30, is available." Mknlvi found possibly an over the counter treatment, Eutrosis AR sold on Amazon UK with similar ingredients. It is manufactured by Difa Cooper cantabria labs. The company website states that "Eutrosis AR cream is an ultra-soothing, anti-redness adjuvant treatment that, thanks to an active formula based on glutathione-C4, azelaic acid and 18 β glycyrrhetinic acid, performs antioxidant and soothing actions which contribute to visibly reduce skin blemishes skin blemishes due to rosacea and couperose."

Eutrosis AR cream offers protection from UV radiation thanks to SPF 15 and immediately counteracts redness thanks to masking pigments. Eutrosis AR ultra-soothing, anti-redness cream provides the necessary daily protection for skin affected by rosacea and couperose.

Eutrosis AR Ingredients (source)
Ingredienti principali: Glutathione-C4, Azelaic acid and 18 β Glycyrrhetinic acid


What these two creams have in common is azelaic acid. However, the two are made by totally different companies and have different ingredients. Hopefully, we can unravel this mystery with some better clarification. What connection Rosazel has with Eutrosis AR may be resolved with further investigation. To add further to this confusion there is also Eutrosis 641 (does not contain azelaic acid) sold on Amazon for dry skin, as well as Eutrosis DS for SD. [3]  The RRDi has contacted one of the authors of the ROSAZEL trial paper for clarification. 

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End Notes

[1] J Cosmet Dermatol. 2020 Sep 03;: Full text pdf
Efficacy and tolerability of a cream containing modified glutathione (GSH-C4), beta-Glycyrrhetic and azelaic acids in mild-to-moderate rosacea: A pilot, assessor-blinded, VISIA and ANTERA 3-D analysis, two-center study (The "Rosazel" Trial).
Dall'Oglio F, Puviani M, Milani M, Micali G

[2] Efficacy and tolerability of a cream containing modified glutathione (GSH‐C4), Mknlvi, Rosacea Forum

[3] Seborrheic Dermatitis, see end note 30

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