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Introduction - Joel Bamford, M.D.


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I am a member of a large multispecialty group (Derm Section is 5 MD's and 1RNC). Although I began with Internal Medicine and had office general practice experience, I've just done Dermatology for 33 years (It continues to inspire me with mysteries and individual who come to my office).

Because residency training required a research project, when I had been in practice a few years, then I gave a clinical project a try. I've enjoyed trying to learn and add new medical information.

For the last 10 years I've focused on rosacea. I've been fortunate enough to assoicated with epidemiologists through IDEA and it's Americas branch ADEN. Through ADEN sessions and those National Rosacea Research forums at the annual SID I try to keep up on rosacea.

I see RRDi as being on the leading edge of the epidemiologic driven research toward outcome based results with the assoicated look at quality of life, loss of opportunities (work/social). And, much being driven by rosaceans (formerly patients, formerly "consumers"). With the ever growing www and improving search engines the layperson has nearly unlimited access to knowledge.

Congratulations on you focus and being an open book as far as operations, funding are to be available to all.

Lead on rosaceans.

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