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What is Satvik Diet?

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As I had previously announced that I will come up with satvik diet and how the role satvik diet plays in our daily life to not only bring about body homeostasis, health improvement but balance our inflammation anywhere in our body and I am targeting here rosacea inflammation.

What is Satvik Diet?

Satvik diet is a diet which follows the rule of Ayurveda and yogic literature that contains the essence of Sattva in sanskrit (pure energy). Satvik diet is high in fiber, micronutrients and low fat vegetarian diet. (1)

There are other dietary foods regimen that we will take into consideration besides this to emphasize the role of food we take in our daily lives and how they impact our mind-body balance.

Satvik diet mainly consists of fresh vegetables,fruits, nuts,seeds,legumes,sprouted whole grains, and different herbal teas.

Although it is a vegetarian diet but we will consider some benefits that we directly get from non-vegetarian diet and how we can get from this diet.

Health Benefits :

There are a number of health benefits when considering this diet but I will purely pay attention to the chronic condition especially rosacea when it comes to inflammation and I have been following this diet for a long time and I have added some other things to get the impact of the whole thing and I will explain it to you later what are those things.


Things to consider :

Although it is a high nutrient dense diet and highly effective but there are some other foods which do not come under this diet but we will consider those dietary items to increase the impact of this dietary regimen and I will categorize the other diets under this topic to understand the dietary intervention.

I will start with what I have in my whole day and what I consider for my rosacea to get the benefits of this diet and as it is mentioned that this diet has come from a yogic literature that originated in India over 5000 years ago, I will tell you some Yoga Pranayama to consider with this diet which will help control rosacea to go aggravated.


Reference :

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sattvic_diet



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