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Do you have a nomination for the Medical Advisory Committee?


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The RRDi MAC is large because all of the professionals in the Medical Advisory Committee [MAC] are volunteers who have agree to help the RRDi if they have the time. If some are too busy to reply to RRDi questions, whether in this forum or from the board of directors, there will be a large pool to draw from for advice from those who do have the time to reply.

There is no limit on the number of professionals on the MAC. If you have a physician or health care professional that you think would be a good addition to the MAC, let us know. The RRDi would need the contact information, particularly the email address of the professional. To be approved, the RRDi will need a photo, CV, and why this professional would enhance the MAC. We don't need professionals who have no interest in rosacea.

Volunteers can on their own, contact professionals to see if any would be interested in volunteering on the RRDi MAC. However, the professional you want would need to make direct contact with any member of the RRDi Board of Directors to be nominated, since the board makes the final decision on who serves on the MAC. You may make a suggestion or nomination in this thread, but it takes time, energy, and a volunteer spirit to contact the professional and sometimes it is like a detective hunt to get the contact information of the professional being considered. If you could volunteer to obtain the contact information, whether it is the email address, web site, or mailing address of the professional that would really be showing the volunteer spirit. If more members would volunteer in any way they can to help the RRDi reach its mission, this would certainly be appreciated.

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