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Oral Isotretinoin Could Alter Gene Expression in Acne Patients


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Molecular functional analysis circulating RNA of patients presented as effective to ISO therapy image courtesy of PubMed Central

"In conclusion, we found that isotretinoin could temporarily alter gene expression in acne patients, and the gene profiles among oral ISO-induced acne flare-up, effective, and ineffective patients were distinct. ISO therapeutic mechanisms were not only involved in regulating the inflammatory reaction but also in the process of DNA repair. Genes that regulated the inflammatory and defense response to microorganisms played a role in ISO treatment effects. GATA2, C4BPA, CCR5, DEFA3, ELANE, MMP9, and RPS4Y1 might be the susceptible genes implicated in ISO-induced acne aggravation. These findings revealed the genetic roles in the ISO treatment process and provided a basis for exploring precise personalized treatment plans for acne patients."

Pharmgenomics Pers Med. 2020; 13: 385–395.
Altered Gene Expression in Acne Vulgaris Patients Treated by Oral Isotretinoin: A Preliminary Study
Yuchen Jiang, Haiyan Chen, Le Han, Xiaoyuan Xie, Yue Zheng, Wei Lai

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