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Hi all, at Brady"s suggestion I joined RDDI to see if I can help to increase awareness of the public, doctors, insurance companies etc of some of the more debilitating aspects of Rosacea by getting some press coverage. I've been disturbed by the increase of posters talking about suicide on Rosaceagroup.org board. More recently, a report of a suicide in the uk of a young woman because of Rosacea included a comment that described rosacea as "a minor skin condition".

I think that the feeling of hopelessness is compounded by a number of things. Doctors who tell patients it's hopeless, or that it's no big deal. A pervasive belief by family, friends, celebrity interviews etc. that Rosacea is just a couple of pimples, easily treated by medication and lotions.

Today I went on the New York Times website Health section where the diseases the paper has written an article about did not include Rosacea.

So, I was trying to think of some way that we might entice a reporter to write a more in depth article about the disease. It might also give the RDDI some more exposure. Maybe a packet of posts and pictures etc. I'm in New Jersey, but we have lots of posters all over the country as well as uk, Australia, other parts of Europe etc. I'd be happy to be a contact person.

Any input, help would be appreciated


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  • Root Admin

Hi Arlene,

Thanks for volunteering. There has been little activity in the forum. We need someone like you to get the current members motivated to post in the forum as well as what you are suggesting. It is a daunting task but I will be contacting you privately as well about this.

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