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Raymond Peat, Ph.D.


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Dr. Peat asked me to post this for him:

From: raypeat@efn.org

Subject: Re: RRDi volunteer time

Date: February 16, 2007 9:37:02 AM HST

To: director@irosacea.org

My computer has trouble with PDF files, and anyway I'd rather spend my time interacting with people rather than going through the unpleasant process of reading legal documents. If security/privacy is an issue, you could post my email address in the forum section, and I'll respond to questions individually. You can post the introductory comment below.

I'm interested in the interactions of nutrition, toxins, hormones, and light with mitochondrial functions.

When mitochondrial respiration is impaired, cells produce lactate, which creates vasodilation and other features of inflammation, including neovascularization, stimulation of fibroblast growth and collagen production.

Arzneimittelforschung 1968 Dec;18(12):1525-9. On the phlogogenic properties of lactic acid in animal experiments

Wilhelmi G, Gdynia R.

Nature. 1969 Aug 2;223(5205):516-7.

Diminished responsiveness to thyroid hormone in riboflavin-deficient rats.

Rivlin RS, Wolf G.

Can J Biochem. 1971 Aug;49(8):987-9.

The in vivo effect of adrenorcorticortropin on the biosynthesis of flavin

nucleotides in rat liver and kidney.

Fazekas AG, Sandor T

Raymond Peat, Ph.D.

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