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PubMed RSS Feed - -Association between Demodex folliculorum and Metabolic Syndrome.


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Association between Demodex folliculorum and Metabolic Syndrome.

J Cosmet Dermatol. 2020 Oct 05;:

Authors: Toka Özer T, Akyürek Ö, Durmaz S

BACKGROUND: Demodex folliculorum mite infestation is associated with many diseases such as rosacea, pityriasis found with acne vulgaris, and blepharitis.
AIM: In this research, the aim of this study was to investigate an association between patients who have metabolic syndrome and presence of Demodex folliculorum.
PATIENTS/METHODS: This research was planned prospectively as a case-control study. Fifty cases who have metabolic syndrome and 50 control subjects in good health were included. Metabolic syndrome was diagnosed according to the NCEP Adult Treatment Panel III criteria. Standard superficial skin biopsy was performed for the presence of Demodex folliculorum mite infestation.
RESULTS: It was detected that number of Demodex affected from the glucose level and each increase in glucose level cause an increase on Demodex as 0.190 (P = .00, t = 4.746, B = 0.190, r = 0.57, Durbin-Watson = 1.801, confidence interval = 0.110 to 0.271 (for glucose)).
CONCLUSION: In this study, the presence of Demodex folliculorum was found to be higher in the cases who have metabolic syndrome compared to the healthy group. These results show that in cases with metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar levels make them more susceptible to infestation of Demodex folliculorum.

PMID: 33017081 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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