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Cochrane Colloquium will be in Quebec City


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Next Fall the Cochrane Colloquium will be in Quebec City, 19-23 September, 2013 . Please visit the site and become an advocate. An advocate will have a better opportunity to understand, promote evidence-based care for Rosacea.

The 'work' involves putting conclusions of systematic review of an treatment on a health condition into a form which you a legislator or your physician can understand and apply. These (transparent, repeatable) reviews of completed research point out any bias for information (i.e. negative results are less likely to be published, who funded the researches,

who pays the authors).

This year's meeting was in Beijing, China, far for North Americans. But you can watch the plenary talks. You'll see that EB systematic reviews provide your government/physician and YOU with the facts.

I'm hoping, with the presidential election complete, that our government can begin to function again to carry out the mandates.

To consider joining to help and learn check the Cochrane Library.

Joel TM Bamford.MD FAAD "Dermatologist"

Duluth, MN

RRDi MAC Member

Former Member of Advisory Board to the NRS

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