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Intermittent Fasting

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How intermittent fasting is a part of Vedic Culture and how it impacts the body homeostasis and kill the old cells and regenerate new cells and now everyone in the world is counting on this intermittent fasting and showing us results of clinical trials they have tried on chronic and metabolic conditions. In Ayurveda it is stated to eat your last meal in early evening time and then give your internal system a full rest of long hours to keep your body healthy. When you do not consume anything after your evening meal and give your body intermittent fasting of more than 12 - 14 hours, your body automatically releases growth hormone and keeps your insulin in check and your body goes into fight or flight mode to function in a better manner and fighting diseases including rosacea. Yes I have been following intermittent fasting for quite a long time and it has a drastic impact on my rosacea. Keeping intermittent fasting reduces the flushing and gives your skin a boost because it kills off old and altered cells and regenerate new cells in our skin. Have a good amount of water and nothing else during fasting and keep healthy and yes one more thing you can kill two birds in one shot😉. How? You have nothing to do because this regimen will drastically reduce your weight because when you do not consume anything after your last meal your body will take energy from your deposited fat and will burn your fat for energy. Just follow this thing and let me know your story.😎

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