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Heavy Metal Detox for Rosacea


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In 2019 I began doing all sorts of detoxes and cleanses for liver, gut, spleen, heavy metals... anything that could possibly be causing my rosacea. The result was that my rosacea went away, but I've since shared my theories with many patients who are seeing similar results. Heavy metals can build up in your body in your gut, liver, brain and thyroid. They are in our water, soil, foods, cookware, amalgams, and canned food. I discuss this at length in my new podcast interview and I've started a natural healing program which will teach people how to discover (and heal) the underlying causes of rosacea. The program can be found here. Rosacea Healing Program. I encourage all of you to continue to DIG to find out your root cause, and that is the way to heal! ☺️


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