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[Demodex and ocular surface disease].

J Fr Ophtalmol. 2020 Oct 27;:

Authors: Ben Hadj Salah W, Baudouin C, Doan S, Angoulvant A, Gottlieb J, Bénichou J, Da Cunha E, Eid L, Labetoulle M, Rousseau A

Demodex is a saprophytic mite of the ocular adnexa, which can in certain circumstances proliferate on the skin of the face and on the eyelid margins. It is involved in facial rosacea (especially in the papulopustular form) and in the development or aggravation of anterior and/or posterior blepharitis or even keratoconjunctivitis, often in association with cutaneous lesions ; the pathophysiology is often multifactorial. Symptoms are non-specific, but the presence of cylindrical sleeves on the eyelashes is very suggestive of infestation, and certain techniques of biomicroscopic examination or imaging, such as confocal microscopy in vivo, allow direct visualization of the parasite. Parasitological examination of the eyelashes can confirm the diagnosis and can be improved by good sampling technique. Eyelid hygiene and oil-based ointments are the cornerstone of treatment. New specific treatments, in particular topical treatments based on tea tree oil, ivermectin, as well as pulsed light therapy and micro-exfoliation of the eyelid margin, can help to reduce the parasitic load and improve symptoms.

PMID: 33127178 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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