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Episoft A for severe skin conditions


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A report listed on PubMed mentions Episoft A for severe skin conditions, including those with steroid rosacea which I have added this to the list of treatments. This treatment, a French topical, has been announced in a new clinical paper out of Russia which concludes that using a skin analyzer BIA (bioimpedance analysis) along with Episofit A, "the drug is highly effective means of the new direction in skin care - corneotherapy aimed to reconstruct and protect damaged stratum corneum."

For more information on this article from Russia click here. The paper states the drug is "Episofit A" (Laboratory of Evolutionary Dermatology, France), however the actual name of the topical is Episoft A

The topical is made by noreva Laboratories. The RRDi lists Episoft A in moisturizers

For more info click here.

noreva laboratories also has another treatment, Sensidiane AR Concentrated Anti Redness Care.

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