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Reliable, low-cost, fully integrated hydration sensors for monitoring and diagnosis of inflammatory skin diseases in any environment.

Sci Adv. 2020 Dec;6(49):

Authors: Madhvapathy SR, Wang H, Kong J, Zhang M, Lee JY, Park JB, Jang H, Xie Z, Cao J, Avila R, Wei C, D'Angelo V, Zhu J, Chung HU, Coughlin S, Patel M, Winograd J, Lim J, Banks A, Xu S, Huang Y, Rogers JA

Present-day dermatological diagnostic tools are expensive, time-consuming, require substantial operational expertise, and typically probe only the superficial layers of skin (~15 μm). We introduce a soft, battery-free, noninvasive, reusable skin hydration sensor (SHS) adherable to most of the body surface. The platform measures volumetric water content (up to ~1 mm in depth) and wirelessly transmits data to any near-field communication-compatible smartphone. The SHS is readily manufacturable, comprises unique powering and encapsulation strategies, and achieves high measurement precision (±5% volumetric water content) and resolution (±0.015°C skin surface temperature). Validation on n = 16 healthy/normal human participants reveals an average skin water content of ~63% across multiple body locations. Pilot studies on patients with atopic dermatitis (AD), psoriasis, urticaria, xerosis cutis, and rosacea highlight the diagnostic capability of the SHS (P AD = 0.0034) and its ability to study impact of topical treatments on skin diseases.

PMID: 33277260 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

{url} = URL to article

Wouldn't it be incredible if a non profit patient advocacy grassroots organization sponsored say 1000 rosacea sufferers and another 1000 control group using this new low-cost SHS tool to see if this actually would improve rosacea diagnosis independently from the status quo pharmaceutical sponsored rosacea research being done?  What if say, 10K members each donated one dollar and we used the RRDi MAC to help us in sponsoring such an investigation?  

Rosacea Research in Perspective of Funding


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