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NRS Research Grant Program

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Note: This post has since been updated to reflect the current information.

In 2013, spent a few hours studying the NRS Grant Program and made a spreadsheet to clear up a few items. The NRS reports on its Grant Program page that they have supported 70 grants to date. The spreadsheet details all this. Some of the highlights are that I found 25 of the grants have been published and 45 not published in journals (no doubt my count will illicit a debate on what constitutes a published article). Do you count the NRS Rosacea Review as a published article? I do.

Some of the grants may later be published which will change this figure. But I was pleasantly surprised to find so many published. The last time I checked this (about nine years ago) there were few if any published so I mistakenly thought it would be the same today. How wonderful that grants supported by the NRS have produced articles published in medical journals.

The count on Gallo's grants which total $200,000 (eight grants total) produced the same articles sometimes so the count may be off.

I noticed that several recipients of grants are also on the NRS Medical Advisory Board (or Honorary Member). For example, Dr. Dahl, Dr. Powell, Dr. Gallo, Dr. Granstein, Dr. Steinhoff, and Dr. Mannis. This might seem odd that the advisors are receiving grants and may be a conflict of interest, but maybe they can do this just like the board of directors can award private contractors money to a member of the board of directors. Not sure how this works but is this a conflict of interest?

As I mentioned Dr. Gallo received the most money, $200,000. Dr. Steinhoff came in second with $175,000 (six grants), and Dr. Granstein with $171,566 (four grants) who all sit on the NRS Medical Advisory Board (or Honorary Member). In addition Dr. Powell received $44,830, Dr. Thiboutot received $22,430 (one grant), Dr. Mannis received $21,419 (one grant) Maybe they abstain from voting when advising what research grant to support? That would seem reasonable. 

It is important to note that of the total spent on NRS Grants which amounted to $1.5 million dollars that $635,245 was spent on members of the NRS Medical Advisory Board (or Honorary Member).

Would appreciate your comments on all this?

For a deep dive into rosacea research funding: 

Rosacea Research in Perspective of Funding
Rosacea Research in Perspective of Idiopathic Diseases

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