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When upgrading the forum you are viewing now to Version 4, we dropped the Guest Forum since it did not prove popular. So the following post is only kept for a record of the history of what the RRDi has done to try improve our mission and encourage rosacea sufferers. We now allow members to join with just an email address. 


The RRDi now has a guest forum where anonymous users may post without registering their first and last name or any contact information other than an email. Many are reluctant to reveal their personal contact information in the Member Forum and the result after almost ten years has been about 880 members who are not posting. Over half of these members' email addresses bounce back on us even though we ask for two email addresses (even the alternate email addresses bounce back on us). We do not know why the valid members do not post. We are hoping that the new guest member forum which only requires an email address will improve participation and increase activity for our non profit organization for rosacea sufferers. We are in need of volunteers to serve as moderators so if you want to be a moderator you will be required to join the RRDi in the Member Forum mentioning in the Volunteer box of the registration application that you would like to volunteer as a moderator or join the RRDi requesting to be a moderator in the volunteer skills box. Don't forget to join the new guest forum whether or not you volunteer as a moderator and please feel free to post your rosacea questions and topics without any worry about your personal contact information. We hope in time to obtain your trust so you will become a member of the RRDi and join the Member Forum too.



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