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Skin Hydration Sensor (SHS)


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A significant number of rosaceans complain of dry skin. A reusable wireless device is available to dermatologists, called a skin hydration sensor (SHS), which is "a soft, battery-free, noninvasive, reusable skin hydration sensor (SHS) adherable to most of the body surface. The platform measures volumetric water content (up to ~1 mm in depth) and wirelessly transmits data to any near-field communication–compatible smartphone. The SHS is readily manufacturable, comprises unique powering and encapsulation strategies, and achieves high measurement precision (±5% volumetric water content) and resolution (±0.015°C skin surface temperature)."

The article discussing this device does mention rosacea once here: 

"Key results include clinical use of the SHS on n = 13 patients with a wide range of inflammatory skin conditions (e.g., AD, psoriasis, urticaria, xerosis cutis, and rosacea), with benchmarks against standard tools to quantitatively characterize the diseased locations."

Whether this device can be used to assist dermatologists with rosacea remains to be seen. 

*image courtesy of Science Advances

Sci Adv. 2020 Dec; 6(49): eabd7146.
Reliable, low-cost, fully integrated hydration sensors for monitoring and diagnosis of inflammatory skin diseases in any environment
Surabhi R. Madhvapathy, Heling Wang, Jessy Kong, Michael Zhang, Jong Yoon Lee, Jun Bin Park, Hokyung Jang, Zhaoqian Xie, Jingyue Cao, Raudel Avila, Chen Wei, Vincent D’Angelo, Jason Zhu, Ha Uk Chung, Sarah Coughlin, Manish Patel, Joshua Winograd, Jaeman Lim, Anthony Banks, Shuai Xu, Yonggang Huang, John A. Rogers

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