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Half Cooked Half Raw Diet

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What if you could divide your whole meal which you consume in one day into half raw and half cooked means I eat my meals which have some cooked veggies and grains and cereals and have equal amount of fruits, raw salad and leafy vegetables chopped in it. My meals contain cooked items and raw items both. So, basically you do not eat whole day only cooked food, you also take a lot of fibers, vitamins, minerals through raw items also. So it should have a perfect balance of both things. Actually some people do not prefer eating any raw salad item at night because they cause bloating and gas production and it is a good thing not eating any raw food at night because according to Ayurveda, our stomach follows the sun's energy and as the sun goes up, our stomach fire is high at that time and whatever you eat during the day, you easily digest the food and do not eat both raw and cooked together because they both take different time to digest. Raw foods take longer to digest and cooked food takes less time than raw to digest and when they are eaten together they cause imbalance and foods which are undigested are stuck in your colon produce toxins and release these contents into your blood and are the cause of different diseases including rosacea. People not understanding what they are eating, how they are eating, is the cause of chronic diseases. So clearing your gut is the most important thing to consider because not only it helps in managing your rosacea but it helps in other ailments also. It's a very simple deal.

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