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Is this rosacea?


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This question, 'Is this rosacea?', is by far the most frequently asked question on the internet which you can find in any rosacea social media group on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media group where all the rosaceans have gone

The questioner invariable wants a diagnosis or a confirmation that what is happening on their skin is rosacea. Did the questioner get a diagnosis from a physician?  Obviously not, otherwise, the questioner wouldn't need to ask a rosacea social media group whether rosacea is the diagnosis. This question is asked way over millions of times all over the internet. So that is why we include this FAQ as one of the top questions found on rosacea social media groups and you can read below, the


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Related to internet searches with regard to asking the question 'Is This Rosacea?' are other searches using Google regarding dermatological questions. 

"The data of Google Trends was used to analyze the number of Google searches related to skin problems from January 2004 to December 2019. Thirty-four topics representing dermatologic complaints were identified." [1]

Top 26 Topics 
"Popularity of topics representing dermatologic complaints in proportion to “Scar” (adjusted data; Relative Search Volume (RSV) over time)." [1]

Of the above 26 topics the ones related to rosacea are 'Itch' (#1), 'Skin Rash' (#3), 'Pustule' (#6), 'Comedo' (#10), 'Erythema' (#19), 'Papule' (#24), and 'Telangiectasia' (#26). [1]

End Notes

[1] Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021 Mar; 18(5): 2541.
‘Dr. Google, What Is That on My Skin?’—Internet Searches Related to Skin Problems: Google Trends Data from 2004 to 2019
Mikołaj Kamiński,1,* Linda Tizek,2 and Alexander Zink2

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