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Why your diet could be causing rosacea


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"And while genetics, the weather, stress and over-use of strong beauty products can cause it to flare up, there are plenty of foods and drink that have been found to trigger rosacea due to their inflammatory properties. The foods to avoid are:

- Chocolate
- Soy sauce
- Avocados
- Tomatoes
- Hot drinks (let your coffee or tea cool down before drinking)
- Green and red peppers
- Potatoes
- Bananas
- Spinach
- Alcohol, especially red wine, beer, vodka, bourbon and gin
- Yoghurt
- Spicy foods including paprika and chilli
- Fried food
- Pork?

Why your diet could be causing rosacea, Carla Challis, BT

This parrots the NRS list. Not once does it mention that sugar or carbohydrate are rosacea triggers.

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