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Developer of web tool for tracking treatments and outcomes for rosacea looking for feedback

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Dear RRDi Forum Members,

This is my first post here. Forgive the sales-y feeling of it. It's not meant to be a sales pitch.

In fact, I am looking for feedback on a tool that I created, originally for myself, that I think others might benefit from.

Background: Before I was diagnosed with PP rosacea, I was frustrated by the lack of simple tools to track my rosacea treatments and outcomes over time. That's is why I built the tool. The tool has allowed me to track my doctor's recommendations and prescriptions treatments, and also to see what's working if I change any non-prescription treatments or routines.

The tool runs on the Web and is meant to be is as simple as possible. Here is how you can use it.

1) Record one or more treatments, a start date, and a short description.

2) Take a picture using the app each day, or as often as you like.

3) Record end dates for treatments when they are over.

4) Create before/after pictures based on photos you added, and the treatment start/end dates for each treatment.

To get an account and try it out for free, enter the word "rosacea" into the offer code. The e-commerce provider is Gumroad. They are in the US and they are legit. When you have registered, you will get a PDF via a download link (the same one as attached) describing what the app does, a bit of info about me, and about hammernagel.

All I ask in return for the account is for feedback on how you would use it and how you would improve the tool. Again, I am not looking to sell it for money right now. The 19 dollar signup price is there to keep the site spam free.

For more info, visit this page: https://www.hammernagel.com/howitworks or sign up directly here.


David Nick



Sign up using the offer code "rosacea"

Questions? Mail me at support@hammernagel.com



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