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PubMed RSS Feed - -Rhinophyma in women: a case series


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Lasers Med Sci. 2021 Jan 7. doi: 10.1007/s10103-020-03183-z. Online ahead of print.


Rosacea has an overall female predominance; however, rhinophyma, a feature attributed to advanced rosacea, is exceedingly rare in females. The impact of this condition on quality of life can be profound. Multiple treatment modalities have been described. However fully ablative carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for moderate-severe rhinophyma has been shown to be most effective with good cosmetic outcome and high patient satisfaction. We describe a series of 7 female patients presenting with rhinophyma to a tertiary NHS laser centre and a private dermatology clinic. A retrospective case review of rhinophyma management was performed, assessing presentation, treatments and outcomes. The mean age at presentation was 47 years (27-62 years). Three patients developed rhinophyma before the age of 30 years. One patient had severe, 2 patients had moderate and 4 patients had minor rhinophyma. Four patients underwent fractional CO2 laser treatment with a good cosmetic outcome. Two further patients developed scarring following fully ablative CO2 laser. Long-term low-dose oral isotretinoin was used in 3 patients following laser treatment, to prevent relapse. One patient solely received isotretinoin with a good outcome. In our experience, females suffering with rhinophyma presented for treatment at an early age and stage of severity. Fractional or fully ablative CO2 laser alone or in combination with oral isotretinoin is a very effective treatment modality.

PMID:33411129 | DOI:10.1007/s10103-020-03183-z

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