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PubMed RSS Feed - -Clinical Application and Efficacy of Silver Drug in Ophthalmology: A Literature Review and New Formulation of EYE Drops with Drug Silver (I) Complex of Metronidazole with Improved Dosage Form


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Biomedicines. 2021 Feb 19;9(2):210. doi: 10.3390/biomedicines9020210.


The use of silver preparations in medicine is becoming increasingly popular. The basic aim of this evaluation was to review the literature on the clinical (in vivo) and antibacterial potential of silver preparations in ophthalmic diseases. The second goal was to summarize the results of experimental research on the use of silver preparations in ophthalmology. The third objective was to present a method for stabilizing eye drops containing silver (I) complex. Analysis of the pH stability of the silver (I) complex with metronidazole in the prepared dosage form (eye drops) was carried out. Most silver preparations are clinically used for topical application. Few experimental results indicate the usefulness of intraocular or systemic administration of silver (I) preparations as an alternative or additional therapy in infectious and angiogenic eye diseases. The development of a new formulation increases the stability of the dosage form. New forms of silver (I) products will certainly find application in the treatment of many ophthalmic diseases. One of the most important features of the silver (I) complex is its capacity to break down bacterial resistance. The new eye drops formula can significantly improve comfort of use. Due to their chemical nature, silver (I) compounds are difficult to stabilize, especially in the finished dosage form.

PMID:33669740 | DOI:10.3390/biomedicines9020210

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