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Fungus and Demodex Mites


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Geotrichosis image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

 In the past Demodex mites are associated with several types of bacteria [1] but now has been associated with fungus. "The ectoparasite Demodex folliculorum and the yeast Geotrichum candidum were significantly more prevalent on the skin of AD patients. The prevalence of D. folliculorum on lesional skin was greater among patients recently treated with topical corticosteroid. Malassezia was one of the most frequently detected genera at all sites, with M. globosa and M. restricta being the most prevalent." [2]

Fungus and rosacea has been associated in some clinical papers. [3]

End Notes 

[1] Bacteria Associated with Rosacea and Demodex Mites

[2] BMC Microbiol. 2021; 21: 72.
Identification of cutaneous fungi and mites in adult atopic dermatitis: analysis by targeted 18S rRNA amplicon sequencing
Sofie Marie Edslev, Paal Skytt Andersen, Tove Agner,3 Ditte Marie Lindhardt Saunte, Anna Cäcilia Ingham, Thor Bech Johannesen, Maja-Lisa Clausen

[3] Fungus and Rosacea

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