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Why Do the RRDi Members Not Post?


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I would like to send out the RRDi Newsletter but so far when I do, I get a lot of bounce backs and some who email back not to be on the newsletter list anymore. So I have hesitated to use the RRDi Newsletter for these reasons and will only use it for very special announcements and in very limited intervals.

So I thought it would be good to post here to see if anyone would get in this discussion. Why do you think RRDi members don't post? Is this forum too complicated?

I don't see it any more complicated that a vBulletin or a phpBB forum.

Are forums simply losing their popularity?

What should the RRDi do to improve the forum so that members will post?

The RRDi also has set up a Guest Forum that only requires an email address to register. No one has joined. Why?

I would appreciate anyone replying to this thread and join the discussion.

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