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New Trailer for the video, 'What should a non profit for rosacea be doing?'


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  • Guide changed the title to New Trailer for the video, 'What should a non profit for rosacea be doing?'
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The above video was made a while ago, I think in 2021. If you think you know how to run a patient advocacy non profit organization why not join and take over. If your ideas are better then serve on the board of directors and help us. Maybe you can get the skin industry to sponsor your ideas and then get paid as the NRS runs its non profit that is run by businessmen and dermatologists. Maybe you could get a dermatologist on our board. But before you do, you might want to read all our rules, mission statement, charter, privacy policy, and legal disclaimer to see what is involved. You can make a lot of money running a non profit since many non profits have salaried directors and employees. Non profits make billions of dollars and pay lot of money out for services and salaries. We could setup the RRDi in your home state or country and you run it! I can teach you what you need to know about our financial situation and how you can continue receiving donations. We did receive six thousand dollars over the hears in grants from Galderma, but getting volunteer grant writers is like pulling teeth. Maybe you know how to get grants?

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