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Oil Pulling

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Oil Pulling is not a new thing as people are considering now a days to flush toxins out of their body but it has its root in Ayurveda in an ancient text "Charak Samhita" and is called "Gandusha Kriya", which is an ancient practice of swishing or holding the prescribed substance in the mouth for a prolonged time. Which basically says that toxins and bacteria build up in the mouth will be drawn out by holding the substance until saliva fills your mouth to the point where you can not control the hold.


How to do oil pulling?

1. It should be done in the morning after you wake up and before brush.

2. The substance prescribed for gandusha (depending on the problem) are milk, honey, ghee or oils such as; sesame oil, olive oil or coconut oil but I do it with coconut oil. 

3. Do not swallow oil as it has toxins and bacteria in it. try to hold properly because your mouth will be filled with saliva gradually.

4. Spit out thoroughly and after a while wash your mouth and then you can brush your teeth.

5. Do it regularly and make it a practice.


Now the point is why I am explaining this practice here? Apart from clearing toxins and bacteria, it treats dental and oral problems and helps stabilize digestive functions. After clearing your toxins, obviously you have gotten rid of so many internal problems but there are some great benefits of oil pulling for the skin.

Benefits of oil pulling for the skin

  Gandusha helps tone your skin and bring glow to your skin and softens the rough surface, lines and wrinkles and the most important thing doing this is that it helps reduce my flushing by slowly lessening the visible blood vessels.

I have been doing this practice, so I know, it helps in rosacea by improving your skin and if you do it daily, you will find improvement in your rosacea gradually. Make this a practice first thing in the morning.

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