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RRDi in 2014 Report

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A new year has started and it will be time for the RRDi to fill out all the financial statements, IRS forms and post all this on the financial page. Do you have any idea how much work this entails? Does anyone care? I sure could use a volunteer to help fill out all these forms and financial statements. Would anyone like to be the book keeper? At this point, there isn't much to do except fill out forms. But I will do it again this year, and post all this on the financial page. Probably take me a few hours of volunteer work. But if you have the volunteer spirit, I could use some help.

The past year basically no one has posted in this forum except me. No one has joined or posted in the Guest Forum, which is for those guests who don't want to reveal their contact information (we eliminated the guest forum and now allow members to join with just an email address). 

There has been absolutely not one dime donated to the RRDi in the past year.

The above two statements sum up the activity of the RRDi for 2014. I basically am the only one posting and the only one volunteering to do anything with the RRDi in 2014.

We still have some donated funds in the bank that will keep the web site going. I have emailed Mac members asking them to write articles for us, asking a couple of the members how we can get Galderma to donate funds to the RRDi but basically little to no response are the results. I have tried to invite personally someone to help the RRDi and asked another if he would be supportive of this assistance, but haven't had any success.

So what are the plans for 2015? I will probably just do what I did in 2014. If you think of any ideas, the forum is here for to post your thoughts.

If you have no idea why this non profit was formed I suggest you start reading here.

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