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Burning and Stinging in Rosacea


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Burning and Stinging is included in diagnostic symptoms of rosacea. Usually signs in rosacea are those that can be observed, while symptoms are those described by the patient. Burning and stinging are invisible symptoms. [1] This post is devoted to clarifying these two symptoms since they may be important to you to learn more. 

First, burning and stinging may possibly be included in differentiating sensitive skin from rosacea. Some authorities believe sensitive skin should be differentiated, while others feel that sensitive skin is included in diagnosing rosacea. Treatment for sensitive skin is therefore the logical choice. [2] 

"Available therapies for rosacea have the potential to treat beyond signs, and improve burning and stinging symptoms in parallel. Further investigation is needed to better understand these benefits and to optimize the management of rosacea." [3]

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End Notes 

[1] Whether burning and stinging are included as part of non-visible disabilities remains to be seen. If enough rosaceans got together in a non profit organization for rosacea and demanded such a determination depends on a rosacea patient advocacy organization. What are your thoughts?

"Hidden Disabilities or Non-visible Disabilities (NVD), can hinder a person's efforts to go to school, work, socialize, and more." Invisible Disability, Wikipedia

[2] Sensitive Skin vs Rosacea

[3] PubMed RSS Feed - -The Importance of Assessing Burning and Stinging when Managing Rosacea: A Review

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