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Update on the RRDi Guest Forum


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If you have been following the RRDi Guest Forum you probably have noticed little or sparse activity from guests. Actually there is a great deal of activity with spammers/trollers trying to promote their nefarious wares (against our rules), however, we moderate every post and don't allow any such posts including inappropriate links, etc, since such guest posts violate our rules which guests must adhere to. Please notice rules 1 and 3. We could use some volunteer moderators if you have the volunteer spirit. If you do, why not post as a guest in this thread an appropriate post on rosacea and your desire to volunteer as a moderator which shows you do have the volunteer spirit and want to help other rosacea sufferers, rosaceans. The RRDi is not setup to promote the nefarious wares of guests. Guests are NOT allowed to post about rosacea or ask questions about rosacea since the end of June 2022 because only spammers or trollers post and we are sick and tired of deleting all this posts, especially those in Russian. RRDi Registered Members can also post in the guest forum. Remember that no one is paid here at the RRDi and everyone is a volunteer member. If you want to volunteer read this page. Volunteers who actually volunteer we waive the subscription fee. 

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When we quarantined most of our website from guests and only allowed a small percentage of our website to be viewed by guests and required guests register as a member of the RRDi we increased our FREE membership dramatically in the first year we did this. However, in 2022, we have switched to a subscription based website and noticed a dramatic reduction in membership since we now require a donation of at least $2 for one month of access to our wealth of rosacea data. Whether this works or not will determine the fate of our non profit organization. Watch our Rosacea Episodes S2:E1. If you want us to continue we rely on the public for donations and not on the skin industry as the other non profit for rosacea organizations that are comprised of board members who are dermatologists and businessmen and none of them suffer from rosacea. Why not join our cause and help us find the cure for rosacea

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