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Increase Sugar & Alcohol in December Triggers Rosacea


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Every year at the end of the year and the first part of January we have noted an increase in rosacea cases that correspond to an increase in sugar and alcohol consumed during the holidays at the end of December. This is because sugar and alcohol are both listed as rosacea triggers. Alcohol has been listed as a rosacea trigger for many years. The RRDi is the only non profit organization to list sugar/carbohydrate as a rosacea trigger. Read the official RRDi rosacea trigger list.

"Sugar by itself furnishes energy, and that’s about it. In that sense, sugar is like alcohol. It’s got calories, but it’s not nutrition. There’s no biochemical reaction that requires it. And at high doses, alcohol can fry your liver. Same with sugar." [1]

Sugar may trigger your rosacea, just as alcohol may trigger your rosacea. 

The end of the year holidays furnishes motivation for increasing sugar/carbohydrate and alcohol which in turn may increase your rosacea flareups. If you have any questions or comments please find the REPLY TO THIS TOPIC button. 

End Notes 

[1] Why sugar is potentially as toxic as alcohol, Robert Lustig, Fortune




All images courtesy of Wikmedia Commons

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