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Sirt7 "is member of the mammalian sirtuin family of proteins, which are homologs to the yeast Sir2 protein." [1] The "loss of Sirt7 alleviates the rosacea-like features in mice. Thus, we reveal a SIRT7-TLR2-NF-κB axis that can be targeted for the improvement of rosacea." [2] "Sirtuins are a family of signaling proteins involved in metabolic regulation." [3]

"In summary, we demonstrate that loss of SIRT7 reduces embryonic viability and causes premature aging." [4]

End Notes 

[1] Sirtuin 7, Wikipedia

[2] PubMed RSS Feed - -Aging-conferred SIRT7 Decline Inhibits Rosacea-like Skin Inflammation via Modulating TLR2-NF-κB Signaling

[3] Sirtuin, Wikipedia

[4] The EMBO Journal (2016)35:1488-1503
SIRT7 promotes genome integrity and modulates non-homologous end joining DNA repair
Berta N Vazquez
Joshua K Thackray
Nicolas G Simonet
Noriko Kane-Goldsmith
Paloma Martinez-Redondo
Trang Nguyen
Samuel Bunting
Alejandro Vaquero
Jay A Tischfield
Lourdes Serrano

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