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Ammonia-oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) for Rosacea?


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To make spray-on bacteria more appealing, AOBiome is reintroducing its line this summer under a new name, Mother Dirt, a reference to the soil from which the key ingredient is derived. The company also created playful packaging and is releasing bacteria-friendly shampoo and cleanser. “We’ve been glued to our computer screens watching the response online,” Aganovic says on relaunch day in early July. She’s standing in AOBiome’s office, a windowless room with red walls near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “This is our best day ever,” she adds. Hundreds of orders have come in, sometimes as many as 10 per minute. 

Bloomberg Business


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Very interesting! Nice to see some potential useful results from the Human Microbiome Project for rosacea. The website shows that they have a phase II clinical trials of their mist product in 82 rosacea patients planned for 2017; I will be watching for these results!

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