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The RRDi and the Digital Medical Revolution


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The RRDi has an incredible amount of free rosacea data in our public forum for guests in your search in controlling or curing your rosacea. We have a private forum if your prefer privacy, which has way more rosacea information for your investigation if you are researching and developing a treatment for your rosacea. When you are in your social media private group for rosacea, how do you search for a subject you are searching for? You can always ask the group. How is that going for you? You may want to learn how to enhance your digital search on rosacea using the powerful digital tools that are available for free by joining the RRDi as a member. What are they? 

A friend sent me a YouTube video about a doctor who was interviewed on NBC News with Brian Williams which made me aware of Eric Topol, who wrote a book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care, which started a search about what this genius is saying about the digital revolution and medicine, and how the RRDi is on the forefront of this with rosacea. 

If you are intrigued with what Dr. Topol is saying, as I was, you will be interested in an interview Dr. Topol had with J. Craig Ventor, Ph.D., on MedScape (Dr. Topol happens to be the Editor-in-Chief of Medscape). If you want to deep dive into this subject read an article we have published on this subject below which requires a subscription


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