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RRDi is Now a Subscription Based Website


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Scroll below to understand what guests can view and what subscribed active members can view.


Our website is now a subscription based members only website. 95% of our website requires a donation of $2 ($1/month for three or more months) to be able to post so we can keep this website going. Guests and inactive members may view about 95% of our website. Please register and donate $2 for a one month subscription. A minimum of one month is required which is just two dollars a month. Thanks for your donation! About the RRDi. We need 100 active subscribers!

Guests May View the Following Without Registering (95% of our website)

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Registered Active Members and Guests Have Access to the Following (95% of our website)
Over 7K posts & articles of rosacea information!

• All Pages/Posts Guests Can Access (see the list above)• All the Subforums in Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) • All the Subforums in Non Prescription • All the Subforums in Prescription • All Subforums of Rosacea Theories • All the Subforums in Rosacea Topics • All Subforums in Trigger Avoidance • All the Topics in Ask the Board • All the Topics in Ask the MAC  Announcements and News • Articles (Rosacea) • Community Support • Co-Existing Conditions • Cosmetics • Demodectic Rosacea Forum •  Diagnosis • FAQs Subforum • Funding Committee • Finding Rosacea Topics on a Mobile Device • Grant Writers Public Forum • Inactive Members • Member Forum • Newbie Rosaceans • OFF TOPIC • Probiotics • Public Relations • Phenotypes, Subtypes, Rosacea Variants & Mimics Subforum  Rosacea in the News •  Rosacea Research • Rosacea in Remission • Rosacea & Psychology • Rosacea Topics • RSS • Secondary Therapy • Triggers

Error Messages

If you are seeing error messages when trying to access areas only registered active members are allowed to enter since these areas are not open to guests or inactive registered members. Read more about error messages

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