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The RRDi has a Reddit account, r/rosacearesearch, with as of this date 163 members which is quite small compared to the much larger rosacea group shown above, r/rosacea, that has over 39.5K members!  Without a doubt r/rosacea is one big rosacea group! 

r/rosacea introduction • rudely treated

About three years ago I joined this group and was treated rather rudely as if I was Adolph Hitler or Judas Iscariot and it hurt me deeply and it has taken me this long to finally comment on this rosacea group at Reddit. I am recording screen shots for historical purposes so that if this comes up in the future at least I was able to tell my account of what happened about three years ago when I had such an awful experience posting at r/rosacea. It made me so shell shocked I still have a very difficult time posting on any rosacea social media site out there since manners have changed so much from when we first started posting about rosacea on the internet over twenty years ago. I made videos about rosacea and social media without a doubt due to my not so 'excellent' adventure at r/rosacea which impacted me so much. I will now share my experience. 

r/rosacea - who runs it?

Who runs this rosacea social media group at Reddit?  Do you know? Three years ago you could view the moderator list before you joined which thankfully I still have a screen shot because now the moderator list is hidden to unregistered members in this private group. Wonder why the group hides the moderator list?  Do you know? So three years ago this is who was running this group: 


Do you recognize some of these poster/moderators at r/rosacea?  Do you know who they are, their background and if they have any credentials as a rosacea 'authority'?  Why do they hide behind a cryptic display name?  If you read Reddit's policy on hiding the moderator list it states as the top reason, "We hide the moderator list (sometimes referred to as the “mod list”) in certain situations to help protect the safety of our moderators." There are other reasons that Reddit acknowledges in its policy to allow hidden moderator lists. One is you have to join to see the list of moderators. So the current moderators are basically the same except for BotDefense who left which is shown on today's date for your convenience: 


To show you how the moderator list is hidden from unregistered members see the home page of r/rosacea below as of today's date: 


Scrolling down you can see clearly the moderator list is hidden. Also note the first rule in the right column about being 'excellent to each other.'  I certainly don't feel that my adventure with r/rosacea was excellent at all. 


So if you care to search through all the posts at r/rosacea and go back about three years you will find an archived conversation [Question about Soolantra base] I posted replying to a question by u/fission with one of the moderators and note the rude manner I was treated when I posted (as rosacearesearch) about the ingredients in Soolantra: 

Conversation continues: 
Conversation continues:
So you be the judge and decide if my experience that I feel was quite rude, lacks civility or manners is actually true or not? On a different conversation [Last Monday vs. This Monday (only 4 days on Ivermectin, routine in comments)] posted by u/jessicadiamonds here are the screenshots of the conversationjessicadiamonds1.pngjessicadiamonds2.pngjessicadiamonds3.pngjessicadiamonds4.png


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