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Dermatol Reports. 2021 Aug 5;14(2):9270. doi: 10.4081/dr.2021.9270. eCollection 2022 Jun 16.


Morbihan Syndrome is an uncommon condition characterized by the slow appearance of erythema and solid edema on the upper portion of the face. The disease is considered an end-stage complication of rosacea's recurrent episodes of vascular dilation and inflammation or a complication of acne vulgaris. The disease is often insidious to diagnose and challenging to treat. We report a paradigmatic case of unilateral Morbihan Syndrome induced by use of fullface CPAP masks for OSAS in a patient with rosacea. OSAS could play a role in the development of rosacea symptoms. Our aim is to remark the importance of a careful, prolonged follow-up to optimize patient's management and to improve the adherence to therapy.

PMID:35795832 | PMC:PMC9251524 | DOI:10.4081/dr.2021.9270

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