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The RRDi has been using Invision Community forum platform since 2004. When we started in 2004 it was recommended by Warren Stuart who was the assistant director of the RRDi to use what was then called Invision Power Services (later the name was changed to Invision Community). It is a powerful platform with many add-on features and a significant number of developers adding plugins and additional features to the platform.

Invision Community Clients

Some very large corporations use the Invision Community platform. Do you recognize any of these companies below?


Are the above companies successful using the Invision Community platform?  

Medical Clients Who Use Invision Community Platform


While all the above companies have their social media accounts as well, these well known companies prefer to continue using the Invision Community Platform, and so does the RRDi prefer using this same platform because of its excellent features. We have invested our donations into using this platform. So if you find this platform not to your liking and prefer the social media style platform we recommend you VOLUNTEER to help us improve our website

Android & iOS Mobile Apps

However, with the advent of mobile devices and social media platforms the trend has focused on mobile apps using iOS and Android devices found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The popularity of using these apps over using a browser to view a website has increased the use of social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The developers and owners of the Invision Community platform have announced beta versions of the Android app  (iOS beta app has expired) for their platform which has been embedded for years using only a web browser, so we have announced with this post here asking for volunteers to download the beta versions and help test these new apps. Please consider volunteering and using these beta versions of the apps


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