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PubMed RSS Feed - -Microtoxin for Improving Pore Size, Skin Laxity, Sebum Control, and Scars: A Roundtable on Integrating Intradermal Botulinum Toxin Type A Microdoses into Clinical Practice


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Aesthet Surg J. 2023 Mar 1:sjad044. doi: 10.1093/asj/sjad044. Online ahead of print.


BACKGROUND: In the aesthetic clinical practice, botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) is best known for its use as a neuromodulator for the treatment of dynamic facial lines; however, when injected intradermally as microdroplets, BoNT-A can improve skin quality and overall skin appearance.

OBJECTIVES: To discuss key aspects of microtoxin use in clinical practice and provide expert guidance on use.

METHODS: As part of a Continuing Medical Education (CME) lecture series and roundtable, the authors discussed key aspects of microtoxin patient selection, injection technique, and safety.

RESULTS: The experiences of expert faculty are shared here. Clinical experience is consistent with reported data. Microtoxin can be used to reduce pore size, sebum production, rosacea, acne, and fine lines, and to improve jawline and neck definition. Intradermal injection can also be used for the improvement of transverse neck lines as well as for the safe prevention and management of scars and keloids.

CONCLUSIONS: Expanding the use of BoNT-A, a predictable, minimally invasive, and affordable treatment to address commonly encountered complaints, is appealing. The authors have found that making patients aware of microtoxin as a treatment option results in increased interest, increased use of BoNT-A, and high satisfaction among appropriately selected patients.

PMID:36857534 | DOI:10.1093/asj/sjad044

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