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PubMed RSS Feed - -Face mask-induced skin changes: a new common phenomenon during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic


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Dermatol Reports. 2022 Jul 7;15(1):9526. doi: 10.4081/dr.2022.9526. eCollection 2023 Mar 7.


Coronavirus disease 2019 is a severe acute respiratory syndrome, and wearing a mask is an important preventive measure. However, long-term use can cause maskne, or mask-induced acne. This study evaluated the prevalence, clinical characteristics, and severity of mask-induced acne and its effect on pre-existing dermatosis using an online questionnaire. The questionnaire comprised 15 questions on 6 primary topics: demographic data, type of face mask, dermatological symptoms after using a mask, preexisting dermatological conditions, the duration of use, and the effects of mask use on existing dermatological conditions. We included 1,025 participants; 48.6% had dermatological symptoms after using masks. The most common symptoms were red papules (33.8%) and itching (27.2%). Individuals who wore masks for more than 4 hours daily experienced more dermatological symptoms, for example, healthcare providers, who had a higher risk of maskrelated dermatosis than participants with other occupations. Moreover, masks significantly increased the severity of rosacea, contact dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis. These results suggest that board-certified dermatologists should assess patients in larger-scale studies to determine adequate management strategies.

PMID:37063397 | PMC:PMC10099290 | DOI:10.4081/dr.2022.9526

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