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PubMed RSS Feed - -Case Series of Demodicosis in Acne Vulgaris Patients


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Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2023 Nov 18;16:3363-3368. doi: 10.2147/CCID.S441581. eCollection 2023.


An abnormal density of Demodex mites can trigger many skin disorders known as demodicosis. Clinical manifestations of demodicosis may resemble other skin diseases and can coexist with other skin disorders, resulting in underdiagnosis and a more challenging diagnosis. Here, we report three cases of demodicosis in acne vulgaris patients. These case series have discussed their clinical features along with optimal strategies for diagnosis and treatment.

PMID:38021431 | PMC:PMC10664713 | DOI:10.2147/CCID.S441581

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