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Beauty Blogger Claims Semen Facials Cured Her Rosacea


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Beauty Blogger Tracy Kiss says she has cured her rosacea. This in one person's anectodal information, not a controlled study or proven effect, by any means. This is reported by the Huffington Post which reports "some pretty bizarre beauty treatments" and this one "just may be the weirdest one yet."

"According to dermatologist Doris Day, MD, semen has some good things going for it. It's an anti-inflammatory and is "designed to support the essence of life," but that's not enough for her to recommend using it on your skin."

This Beauty Blogger Claims Semen Facials Are the Secret to Her Gorgeous Skin, By Diana Bruk and Helin Jung, Cosmopolitan

Yahoo Health says it is a bad idea. 

Tracy Kiss, Beauty Blogger

Famous Rosaceans

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