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Pityriasis rosea (Christmas tree rash) skin disease causes and treatment


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"Pityriasis rosea is a skin disease that is common in the general population and over the last several years has become known as the Christmas tree rash. A lot of people are familiar with rosacea, a chronic, incurable skin condition characterized by red blotches on the face, but pityriasis rosea isn’t as well known. Like rosacea, pityriasis rosea is a skin problem that produces red patches. Rosea comes from the Latin word, meaning rose colored. This is where the similarities end. Pityriasis rosea is most commonly on the back, chest or neck and tends to peel off in tiny scales. Pityriasis is the Greek word for bran. In this case, the bran is the flake of skin from the lesions that peel or fall off the skin." Bel Marra Health

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