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PubMed RSS Feed - -The relation of rosacea to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.


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The relation of rosacea to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Eur J Dermatol. 2016 Mar 30;

Authors: Akin Belli A, Ozbas Gok S, Akbaba G, Etgu F, Dogan G

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease affecting the face. A positive correlation has been found between rosacea and cardiovascular diseases. We sought to investigate the relation of rosacea to metabolic syndrome (MS) and insulin resistance (IR). Between January and June 2015, a case-control study including 47 age-, gender-, and body mass index (BMI)-matched rosacea patients and 50 controls was conducted. Demographic data, clinical features of rosacea patients, anthropometric measures, laboratory findings, blood pressure levels, BMI, smoking history, alcohol consumption, sports life, family history of cardiovascular disease, and presence of MS and IR were recorded. Forty-seven rosacea patients (12 men, 35 women; age range 35-68 years) and 50 controls (11 men, 39 women; age range 38-78 years) were included in our study. Of 47 rosacea patients, 24 had erythematotelangiectatic type, 22 had papulopustular type, and 1 had phymatous type. Whereas the rate of IR was significantly higher in the rosacea group, there was no significant difference in the rate of MS between rosacea and control groups (P = 0.009 and P = 0.186, respectively). In addition, the rosacea group had significantly higher fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels (P<0.05). Mean levels of LDL, triglyceride, total cholesterol and CRP were significantly higher than in the control group (P<0.05). Our findings suggest that there is a relationship between rosacea and IR and some parameters of cardiovascular risk factors. We recommend investigation of IR in rosacea patients.

PMID: 27026639 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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