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Honevo for Rosacea


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Honevo Rosacea

Honey to the Rescue for Rosacea Patients

Honevo, a product composed of 90 percent medical grade kanuka honey and 10 percent glycerin, demonstrated efficacy as a rosacea treatment in a blinded, randomized clinical trial, the results of which were published in BMJ Open.

During the trial, participants applied Honevo or cetomacrogol — a non-ionic moisturizing cream used by the control group — twice a day for eight weeks.

At the trial’s conclusion, 34.3 percent of the participants in the Honevo group and 17.4 percent of those in the control group showed improvement of greater than or equal to 2 or more on the Investigator Global Assessment of Rosacea Severity Score. However, patients’ self-reports on a dermatology quality-of-life index and on the current severity of symptoms showed no difference in improvement between weeks two and eight. That may suggest some measurement tools need further refinement in future studies, researchers say. 
MD NEWS, By: Michael Ferguson
Friday, July 01, 2016 

An article published in Dermatology Times says that "Honey may improve rosacea severity" and referred to an article published in the British Medical Journal Open about a product, Honevo Rosacea, and concludes, "Honevo is an effective treatment for rosacea." [1]

Honevo Rosacea is 100% natural and contains just 2 ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade kanuka honey and glycerin manufactured by HoneyLab LTD in New Zealand. 

If you have used this treatment please find the green reply button and comment. 

End Notes

[1] Honey may improve rosacea severity


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