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Could this research be a key to find a cure for rosacea?


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In this university newspage from Sweden, my homeland it says in this article which I will link down below, that a keymolecule that could stop chronic inflammation has been found. The scientists behind the research believe that there could be a lack of this molecule in some anilmalcells for some reasons. Without the molecule the inflammation won't stop. So the molecule works like a on off switch.


I have created this theory of my own, that somehing in my skin cells have made so that the above mentioned molecules have disappeared from the skincells for me and for others with rosacea, and the inflammation continues to go on. Could the suns UV rays  be one of the cause of this? For my part, at first the skin gets sunburned and the cells gets damaged. The molecule gets knocked out and the inflammation continues chronic. All this is of course just a theory and my speculations...

What do you think about this? Right know, the researchers are looking for substances that could stimulate the production of this molecule. 

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