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SkinResource.MD R-Relief Serum Visibly Reduce Signs of Chronic Redness and Rosacea Prone Skin

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Visibly reduce signs of chronic redness, sensitivity and other aggravating factors linked to rosacea. An exclusive complex of Four Patented Complexes - including Natural Plant Extracts and biologically-effective Peptides -address the principle influences that lead to chronically red skin and other aggravating factors linked to rosacea. Results are apparent within one to four weeks of twice a day use. R-Relief cools heat-activated skin, reducing a primary factor that leads to redness and blotchiness. Puffiness seems to lessen, discomfort and surface tenderness are brought under control, weakened components of the skin that lead to chronic redness are strengthened. R-Relief also helps to avert future flare-ups and limit the growth of undesirable flora and lipase - an enzyme know to trigger redness episodes. See clearer, healthier-looking skin within days to weeks.
The RRDi is an Amazon Affiliate. By clicking below on the image and purchasing the item, the RRDi receives a small fee. Thanks. Please post your experience using this product in this thread. 

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